Friday, December 30, 2011

Mr. Android is a nerd in t-shirt and jeans with a girlfriend

The BlueStacks team have  compiled information from Nielsen and a Facebook poll they conducted. The result is Mr. Android 2011. This is how a typical android user looks like.

This is an info-graphic representing percentages of habits, lifestyles and preferences within the community of Android users.

Interesting fact is that 63% of the total Android users have a significant other in their life. Well, looks like nerds got girlfriends carrying an Android  phone.

Android Apps on PC

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Google offers 90% discount on top 10 android apps for next 10 days

Google offers 90% discount on top 10 android apps for next 10 days on the account of 10 Billion Android Market Downloads starting from today.

Here are the links to the apps having 90% offer to celebrate 1 million android market downloads.
  1. Asphalt 6 HD 
  2. Color & Draw for Kids 
  3. Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro 
  4. Fieldrunners HD 
  5. Great Little War Game
  6. Minecraft 
  7. Paper Camera
  8. Sketchbook Mobile
  9. Soundhound Infinity 
  10. Swiftkey X

Well, I am gonna buy all of these 10 apps :) yeppieeeeee :)

Amazing growth of android market
The graph image is taken from

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Windows 7.5 phone - mango - screenshots

All windows phone lovers, be ready with a basket to catch the mangoes. Microsoft is back in the smartphone market to offer mangoes in a basket. Yes, right, Microsoft is back with phones powered by windows 7.5 with a codename 'mango'. Windows 7.5 is an eye-candy OS for smartphones.

Here are some of the screenshots I took from the demo website that Microsoft made available for android and iphone users to test/taste the mango flavor directly on androids and iphones. I took these screenshots on my Motorola Milestone running MIUI android 2.3.7 ROM.

For the first time I am in love with a windows phone. :) Microsoft has worked really hard over this to bring out slim, sleek n a beautiful OS for smart phones.







Local Scout

















Monday, November 21, 2011

Android Game : Monkey N Bananas

Cute, Funny and Little Android Game : Monkeys N Bananas 

As a little monkey you just need to steal the bananas from the big ape :)
But make sure big ape doesn't see while stealing his bananas otherwise you are going to see stars in the daylight. 

Search this game in Android Market

*All screenshots taken on my Motorola Milestone Phone running MIUI ROM

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